Whether your car is brand new or you’ve had it for a few years, you’re probably always looking for ways to take care of it and protect your investment. Especially if you are planning to trade-in your vehicle in the future, it is important to keep the funky smells out of your car.

If you purchased a pre-owned vehicle that still faintly smells of smoke or you’ve let your car go and are looking to redeem its aroma, keep reading for our tips to eliminate car odors.

Dryer Sheets

A box of dryer sheets is a cost-effective way to control the smell of your car. You can stick some in the vents and let the air blow the scent around (maybe on the way to a date or another event where your car needs to smell its best). You can also leave an opened box of dryer sheets in the backseat or under the seat to keep the fresh smell going.

Dryer Sheets + Downy Unstoppables

If you want to take the dryer sheets a step further (and use fewer sheets at a time), consider this trick. All you need are dryer sheets, a bottle of Downy Unstoppables and some ribbon or string.

Pour a small amount of the Downy Unstoppables into the middle of a dryer sheet, bundle up the ends and tie it together to create a little sack. Keep these under the seats, in the glovebox, in the side doors or anywhere else that might be out of the way but still allows the smell to permeate the car.

DIY Vent Air Freshener (using Essential Oils)

If you’d rather have more options for the scents you put in your car, consider making your own air freshener. You can find tutorials on the internet (or just go straight to Pinterest). Blogger Frugally Blonde has step by step instructions on how she made her DIY air freshener with bobby pins, ribbon, a cotton ball and her favorite essential oils.

Coffee Grounds/Baking Soda

If the smell has permeated your car’s interior and is deep within the seats and carpet, you can use coffee grounds or baking soda to soak up some of the odor. First, vacuum out your car to start with a clean slate. Sprinkle the grounds or baking soda over the seats and the carpet and allow it to sit for several hours (the longer you can wait, the better). Then, go back through the car and vacuum up the coffee or baking soda. These two products are known to neutralize odors and will hopefully get the smell out!

Are there any tips we missed? Let us know your favorite ways to get the stink out of your car in the comments below!
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