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The Los Angeles International Auto Show held last month presented several innovations in the automotive industry, including Volkswagen’s Golf GTE Sport concept car.

This concept car “blurs the lines between road and motorsport vehicles” by combining the performance of a sports car with an advanced plug-in hybrid system capable of zero-emission driving.


The engine is a 1.6L TSI engine adapted from VW’s two-time World Rally Championship-winning Polo R WRC. It delivers 295 hp and maximum torque of 295 lb-ft. This engine is assisted by two electric motors (one in the front and one in the rear). These motors work together to bring the car’s total system torque to 494 ft-lb.

Whenever possible, the GTR operates as an electric vehicle. In the sporty “GTE” mode, the all-wheel-drive car can go from zero to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds. The GTE Sport’s fuel economy is an impressive 118 mpg.


The body of the GTE Sport is made mostly of lightweight carbonfiber. There are two gullwing doors that swing forward. The upper part of each door is made entirely of dark exposed carbonfiber and extends into the roof.

A blue crossbar runs across the front of the vehicle, which is a feature that echoes the Golf GTE currently in production. More crossbars are under the blue strip and a carbonfiber double spoiler tops off the front body shape.


One of the most striking elements of this concept car, as with most concept cars, is its futuristic-looking interior. The cabin, decked out in carbonfiber and microfiber surfaces, includes two completely separate pods for driver and passenger. A motorsport steering wheel includes paddle shifters for the GTE’s transmission.

Three transparent instrument displays are arranged behind one another on the dash. The closest display shows the selected gear and battery status. The center one displays the power delivered by the drivetrain and the electric boost of the plug-in. The back (and largest) display shows the car’s speed and driving range in the driver’s field of vision.

In the passenger side, the vehicle features a display showing current speed, gear and engine speed while in “Info Mode” and acceleration and g-force figures in “Data Mode.”

The Golf GTE Sport concept car is only the newest in Volkswagen’s impressive line of innovative and forward-thinking concept vehicles. While it may seem unusual and far away now, this type of vehicle might find its way onto the roads sooner rather than later!

You can read more about the Golf GTE Sport unveiling at the LA Auto Show here.

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