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Car owners know that no matter how careful they are or how nice a car is in the beginning, things are going to happen that make your car either messy or just inconvenient. If you’re a driver looking for some great car “hacks” for your car, no matter what kind you have, keep reading.Problem: The front of your car looks like a dried-up bug cemetery.Solution: Dryer sheets. (No, really.)No matter how careful of a driver you are, you’re bound to take out some bugs along the way. These pests wouldn’t be a problem if they easily came off during your (hopefully regular) carwashes. But they don’t, so you are faced with a decision: leave them on there, invest in an expensive bug shield for the front of your car or never drive again. Now, you have another option: Use up some of your dryer sheets.Get a bucket of hot water and submerge a dryer sheet in it. (This will not work if the water isn’t hot or at least really warm.) Then, wipe the bugs off. It’s that easy. Sure some of them will take a little more arm movement or a little extra pressure, but it’s the easiest, most effective method out there. It might take a few dryer sheets to get all the bugs off, but it’s worth it. It is also a good idea to do this before you wash your car, as sometimes the sheets can leave a slight film on your car that will wash right off.Problem: Filmy headlights.Solution: Bug spray.Do your headlight covers have a thick fog coating them? Over time build up happens, which can significantly diminish the effectiveness of your headlights. You can fix this by taking a rag (or even an old sock will do!), spraying it with bug spray and wiping the headlights clean. It will also help future funk from building up on them until you clean them again or wash your car.Problem: Scuff marks on your car’s exterior.Solution: Toothpaste.As long as the line on your car isn’t a scratch with missing paint, you don’t need to worry about a paint touch-up. For scuff marks, simply take a dab of toothpaste (the plain white kind, nothing blue or sparkly) to a rag, buff it over the scuff mark and voila. No more ugly black marks on your white car!
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